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About the Land of Kam

Shamanism is defined as a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with what they believe to be a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. 

Shamanism is believed to be humankind's second oldest spiritual system following ancestor veneration because it focused on practical goals, such as in  protection, successful hunting, etc.  Through these practical goals, early human beings discovered their Divine potential and through the practical use of the the Divine Power within became more spiritual.   

Therefore, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Shamanism or more specifically Kamta concerns itself with the practical shamanistic spiritual/magickal practices (pre-religion) that produces real and tangible results. 

Kamta was created a decade ago by Derric Moore when he discovered that Kemetic spirituality does not work outside of an organized Kemetic community.   So he learned from several traditional African practitioners, experimented with numerous techniques and worked diligently with his ancestors to create a practical shamanistic tradition based upon the Kemetic spirituality and the remnants of the Kongo-Angolan culture brought to North America during slavery. The end result, was Kamta a very controversial, yet effective "down in the gut" tradition that focuses on solving ordinary problems through spiritual means.

For instance, Kamta practitioners do not meditate for the sake of meditating, but instead meditate to find a solution to a problem. 

Since the conception of Kamta, Derric Moore has published several books that have totally changed the way we view the Kemetic culture.

The purpose of this site is to provide free information and further insight into the practical use of Kamta. 

To learn more about the Kamta Kemetic Shamanism tradition, see the books below: (Click on image to see book excerpt).