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Ancient African Cosmology

The principle beliefs of Kamta is that the human being is composed of nine divisions, which can be subdivided into three parts called the Ba, Ab and the Sahu, which corresponds directly to the mind.

Parts of the MindDivisions of the Spirit and Purpose

Deep recesses of the superconscious mind also called the Higher Self personified as Osar (Asar, Ausar or Osiris in Greek) 

  • Ba - the divine spark
  • Khu - the divine knowledge, wisdom and understanding
  • Shekhem - divine power, and
  • Ren - the divine name/purpose
Conscious mind also called the Middle Self or Human Soul personified as Hru (Heru or Horus in Greek) 
  • Ab - Spiritual Heart or Human Soul, is the immortal part of the human being that gives us the ability to make choices, decisions and declare our will. Our Ab also gives us the ability to perceive that there is a life beyond our physical life. It is because human beings possess an Ab that makes us honor our dead, perform funerary rites and wish our deceased loved one peace in the next life.  Instead of abandoning them to the forces of nature as animals do with their dead. 
The automatic, robotic and habitual self commonly called the Lower or Ego Self personified as Set (Set-an, Satan and Typhon)
  • Ka - governs the double or personality of human beings and refers to an individual's spiritual prowess or spiritual frame (cuadro espiritual).
  • Sahu - governs the spiritual vehicle of human beings responsible for storing memories.
  • Khabit - is the division of the spirit called the shadow because it governs our emotions, instincts and senses.
  • Khab - the division of the spirit that governs the physical body. 

According to Kamta belief, when we are born we all come into the world with our Ba intact and a fully functional Sahu, which helps us to physically survive. In our first years of development, we depend solely upon our Sahu, which leads us to indiscriminately learn the good and bad from our parents, family, friends, community members, the media, etc. about life.  Consequently an imbalance is created due to our total dependency upon our Sahu.  This imbalance creates a false sense of who we are resulting in illness, bad luck, financial demise and various other problems.  Due to us having a false sense of who we are supposed to be and what we can or cannot accomplish based upon our beliefs, fears, anxieties and worries is called the ego-self or Set (Set-an, Satan, or the Adversary) in Kamitic language. 

The ego-self or Set is the main force that prevents us from accomplishing our dreams mainly out of fear, anxiety, jealousy and selfishness, so the main objective in life is to overcome our ego-self or Set. This is accomplished by consciously following the wisdom of our Higher Self and ignoring our reactionary and emotional lower self.  When we consciously decide to follow the wisdom of our Higher Self, we willingly allow the Divine to improve our lives instead of relying upon our own head and intellect. This is personified in the Kamitic Story of Osar as Hru fighting his uncle Set in order to resurrect the glorious Kingdom of Osar. 

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