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The Story of Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris)

It is believed that the Kamitic philosophers knowing the relationship between the ba, sahu and ab allegorized the entire spiritual process as the Story of Osar.

In the story, Osar (Osiris in Greek) realized his divinity and discovered the divine law of Maa, so he decided to teach all of his people and all humanity what he had learned. But, his youngest brother Set who was very desirous of power, and jealous of Osar murdered the legendary king, hid his remains and usurped the throne.  Thanks to Osar’s devoted wife Oset, Osar’s body was recovered and magically Oset conceived an heir for Osar who she named Hru that challenged his evil uncle for the throne. After a series of stalemates, Hru finally defeated his uncle on the battlefield with the help of his father’s wise vizier Djahuti. However, due to Set’s sway over the courts and the government, he managed to convince the public that Hru was not the legitimate heir of Osar.

Finally, after taking the matter to court and much deliberation, the spirit of Osar returned and proclaimed that Hru was indeed his true successor and that Set had committed numerous injustices in order to ascend to the throne.  Through the intercession of Osar, Hru was awarded the throne, given the double Pschent crown and declared the unifier of the kingdom.  

A complete copy of the Story appears in Maa Aankh Volume 2. 

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