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Does Everyone Have a Major Netcharu (Guardian Spirit)?

According to my research usually one of these spirit clans will dominate an individual’s personality and become the individual’s primary spiritual protector. When this occurs there will be various signs and affinities that the individual will have confirming that a particular netcharu is their main protector. For instance, if Hru is the primary spiritual protector of an individual this individual usually will have prophetic dreams, and share some of the same likes and taboos that Hru has like an affinity to thunderstorms, prone to marital disputes, etc. These are all signs that the netcharu has marked the individual to be a member of his or her spiritual clan. There is no need to be initiated into it because one already belongs to it since ancestral times.

One can discover the taboos of their netchar by simply studying the various legends pertaining to their netchar and spirits syncretized with them, in comparison with their life.   

One’s main netchar also determines how the netcharu will sit with you. If your main netchar is masculine like Hru, Hruaakhuti or Npu. Your netcharu may decide to sit with you as warriors, which is close to the floor or ground. If your main netchar is Oset, Nebhet or Maat, the rest of your netcharu may choose to sit with you as a mediator, which is elevated from the ground. Note that this has nothing to do with one’s gender, but pertains to one’s energy and the spiritual prowess they need in life.

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