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Can Anyone Work With the Netcharu?

Again, anyone can work with the netcharu provided they live an ethical and honorable life based upon Maa because the netcharu are basically ancestral spirits, and like most ancestral spirits they are deeply concerned with ethical behavior and high ideals. Understand this is not to be confused with acting or being a good person. It is about doing what needs to be done in order to maintain balance and order within the community, regardless if it is accepted or approve by the dominant society or not. Since a great deal of the spiritual work requires self – discipline and self – mastery, food and drug abuse, sexual perversions, etc. are seen as taboos against the netcharu because these destructive activities have the potential of destroying any system whether it be one’s health, a community or nation, which is in direct conflict of our goal to resurrect the Kingdom of Osar – that is peace, prosperity, success, happiness and love.

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