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How Do You Work With the Netcharu?

  1. First you need to learn how to meditate in order to access your Ba.
  2. Study the Maa Aankh cosmogram in order to understand the connection between the spiritual and physical realms, and how it relates to the three levels of consciousness – the Ba (superconscious), Ab (conscious) and Sahu (subconscious).
  3. Establish a rapport with your aakhu (ancestors) by studying your family history.
  4. Build a het aakhu or ancestor altar to learn how to learn how to follow your intuition. During this time, conduct truth exercises by telling yourself a falsehood and a truth, in order to discover your maa (way) as established by Maat. (Details of the truth exercise can be found in Maa Aankh Volume III)
  5. Allow your aakhu to guide you in establishing a het netcharu (house for the netchar). If you have followed the previous steps, the first netchar that you should be introduced to will be Npu. If it is any other netchar, it is most likely a trickster spirit, in which case you should abandon the practice and start back over. Note that the netcharu will come into your life based upon need. They will also sometime be accompanied by aakhu (ancestral spirits and spirit guides). For instance, before I established a het for my Maat, she was accompanied by a couple of Native American spirits. It was through these Native American spirits that I learned about Maat and when I had learned what she thought was enough. She finally came to sit on my het (altar space).

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