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Why Does A Lot of Spiritual Work Focus So Much on Protection?

The most powerful part of our being as humans is our mind. At the same time, it is also the most vulnerable part of our being as well. This is because our Sahu is very impressionable and can easily be influenced for the good or bad. For instance, we have all seen situations where we are having a great day and then someone criticizes our hair, attire, performance, etc. and it makes us feel bad. Whenever we hear and receive criticism, even if we choose to ignore it. Our Sahu remembers it since it is responsible for storing our memories, and if we are not careful it will take this criticism and use it to inspire our conscious behavior. Then the next thing you know, you are doing something totally out of character. Not only that, there are also subtle forces that have the ability to influence our Sahu, many of which we are not even aware of.

So, a great deal of spiritual work focuses on protecting us from these experiences so that we still have control of our Ab. We should all be able to walk through life and not be swayed by any influence. Until we are able to accomplish this we need to use the various forces available to protect our mind – spirit.   

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