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Did the Secret Work For You?

Have you seen the Secret?

(Sample photo of an "Npu standing in the Land of Kam" - work of art in progress).

Yeah, I know you have. I saw it too. It took the world by storm and everyone was on board about a year ago because of Oprah. The lady who wrote the book really did a good job with the publicity and I give her credit. I hold no ill feelings towards her or her success, but the Secret didn't work for me. Even though a lot of what the authors talk about makes sense because they are based upon the "Law of Attraction" there are other laws that exist that cancel out the Law of Attraction if things aren't working together.

I promised myself that I was not going to preach, but you know in this book they don't explain or talk about the Spirit, which the author calls the Genie or whatever. Because they don't talk about the Spirit (Genie) it sends out a mixed message to people, making them think that all they have to do is think positive. Let me give you an example.

One section in particular talks about how if you say "you don't want" the Universe only hears "you want" such as if you say you don't want a bad haircut then you will end up getting a bad haircut. Ok? But I am a real pragmatic individual. So, why did the Universe lay me off of my job when I woke up every morning saying because I was tired, "Man, I sure don't want to go work today"?

According to the Secret, the Universe should have said, "HAHAHAHA. Rau Khu is talking silly...he's just tired. He wants to go to work and have a job", but it didn't. My behind was laid off. Before the Secret came out, I was testing this whole attraction thing (before I knew that is what it is called) and I said, "I want $3000 by x, y, z date". Guess what I got it. It was part of my severance pay!!!

So, what does this all mean? Well, we in the African Diaspora have a saying..."Be careful what you ask for". Unfortunately, due to slavery the rest of saying, theology and philosophy was lost. Why do you have to be careful? Because the Spirit or Power of God does not make a distinction between what is right or wrong, right and left, front or back, etc. It's sole objective is as they say in the Secret to grant our wish, because God gave us freedom of choice to do whatsoever we want to do.

If we don't put any guidelines and aren't specific on how we want to achieve that goal, we meet the Divine Opener of the Way. I call him by the name my ancestors before me referred to him in the Kamitic tradition as Npu (Anpu/Anubis) others call him Sebek. In the Palo tradition he is called Lucero (the Star) and in the Yoruba traditions, he is called Elegba. In the Christian tradition he was the guiding star that led the three kings to the birth of Jesus and he is also seen as the manifestation of various saints like Nine de Atocha.

Npu is a Guardian Opener of the Way. He is the guiding spirit/angel given to us by God to lead us down certain paths in order for us to learn more about our self. It doesn't matter what you call him. Everyone has one regardless if you believe in him or not.

My Npu walks on the edge of both worlds (physical/spiritual). One of the reasons he wears the mask of a dog is because he sniffs out the best way for me to get where I need to go.  He is an excellent guide, because he's been given the task by the Spirit to find a way out of no way, but if you're not specific with the instructions. Boy. Talk about an adventure.  (I'll have to share some of those one of these days).

So, I think the best way to get things moving is to:

1. State what you want. "I do want" or "I don't want"

2. State the reason why.

3. Allow the Spirit to intercede by sending you a message through Npu.

4. Follow the action to get the desired physical result.

Have you had any success with the Law of Attraction? Please share...:)

For more info: Check out http://landofkam.viviti.com/

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