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God Was Meant to Serve You

Peace Everyone.
Sorry for the little hiatus. Brother just got another new J.O.B. from working the Spirit. It was a beautiful thing. Just out of nowhere, a lady asked me if I would consider teaching.

"Sure" was my reply. So, I started teaching again.

So I had to hurry up and get a lesson plan and everything together. That's what I have been up to and it has been a blast because I focused on what I wanted and the Spirit came through in a big way. Talk about being grateful.

I have never been so much at peace because I just realized something I think a lot of people miss. It is that God wants us to be happy. God wants us to enjoy life. God wants us to be healthy. God wants us to be prosperous, because it is through us God experience LIFE.

That's right. God was meant to serve You, so handle ya business.

CYA in KAMTA, Beloved.

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