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God Was Meant to Serve You-Maintaining a Healthy State of Mind-Day 1

Hetepu (Peace Everyone)

Keeping with the theme that "God Was Meant to Serve You",we just need to still our mind and listen to the Spirit of God. I have decided to try something different in addition to the other posts.  As many of you already know last year, I was very ill.  Long story. Read the book. Anyway, since I have rebound back to the land of the living. It became quite important that I keep my health on the up and up, which is a challenge because I have to interact with others, especially students. But I am determined to get it done and to work this system.

Illness and dis-ease I have learned from a shaman's perspective is nothing but stress manifesting itself in different parts of the body. This means in theory if we will that part of our body not to respond in a stressful manner. Illness should not appear. All that one has to do is listen to their body and keep their mind still or in a relax and calm state. Right? Sounds easy? Sounds difficult?

Well, I am about to see how simple it is. Since it is flu season as we move into the fall and winter months. I am determined to truly see if this is really practical and decided to track my progress. I decided to return back to the healthy way of living because last year I got the flu shot and that's when I became ill. So, this year, we're going to try something old but different and do things the old way. We're going to do things the way they did it back in the day before all of these theories came into play. Back before any of us ever heard of an fall and spring equinox or a winter and summer solstice.  Yeah, I am talking way back around grandma and grand dad's day when we listened to our body and responded based upon nature. Hope this is helpful to others. Share your thoughts.  ;)

Weather: Cool in the morning. Warmed up to 68

State of Mind: Grumpy. My wife woke up before I did and turned on the tv.  I woke up hearing the news and the negative political campaigns politicians are running.
Correction: Saw the Full Moon this morning and said "Thank You Amun Ra" for the ability to change my mind at will.  As the sun began to rise I said, "Welcome Khepera". Feeling better now.

Favorite Song(s) for the Day: Daniela Mercury's "St. Helena", Canton Jones' "Hater Day",

Image/Thought of the Day: Imagine expecting to be healthy.

Diet: Since, it is getting cold out...I have started eating warming foods.

Breakfast - Hot Granola Cereal w/Soy Milk
Lunch - Turkey Sub Sandwich
Dinner - Homemade French onion soup w/vegetable broth and fresh mozzarella balls. I can't believe I cooked it and it tasted great!
Snacks - grapes and oranges

Exercises: Stretches to keep body limber

Overall Feeling: Pretty relaxed but tired. I should have been in bed hours ago.

Cya Tomorrow. Peace


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