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I Have Never Seen the Righteous Foresaken

Peace Fam.

You know I really love the Spirit because God is just amazing. This is a video from my old church back in Detroit. You have to have fb in order to see it.  The Spirit had me tune into it just to show how deep the maa aankh really is. As you listen to the sermon with an open mind, notice if you will the diamond printed shirt that the bishop is wearing.  Also, listen to what he is preaching about regarding physical sight and spiritual sight. Notice how talks about the Power of God and talks about how God can turn your life around (after he spins). Also, listen to what he says about keeping on and think about how this relates to the movement of the sun.  I won't even mention the color blue. All coincidence?

I am just extremely grateful to have heard this message and seen the signs. Amen.

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