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Krazy! Immigration Bill

Peace Fam

You know I hate to deal with social issues like this on this blog and I do not like to call people out of their name, but Gov. Jan Brewer is truly an "idotess". I actually listened to her say after signing this bill into law that she will not tolerate racism and racial profiling....I am tripping about it because I remember one time I go down to Texas with my wife who is Latina and the border patrol tailed me for about ten minutes. It wasn't until they pulled up alongside me and I looked at them like they were krazy and asked "Can I help you?" that it dawned on me that I think they thought we were Cuban. I don't have to mention the border patrol officers were of the European persuasion do I.

Now, if I look like I am over here illegally then what does that say about the rest of the by the way "Immigrants" that this country is made up of. Republicans really don't want to be back in office huh? They are truly encouraging this social takeover. :)

I mean Gov. Brewers' response didn't even make sense. It reminded me of what my grandfather use to say, "Think before you speak".  I mean when she responded I was like she really didn't say she will not tolerate racism but signed a bill authorizing profiling. Set (the devil) knows how to make the smartest people look like a confused imbecile. huh?

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