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The Truth About Kamitic/Kemetic Spirituality: What about Jesus Part 3

HTP (PEace) Fam.

Yeah, I am on a roll with this Jesus thing because I just had a conversation with one of my kinfolk and they brought this entire subject up.
Do you know why Jesus is so confusing? It is because most people don’t have a clear understanding who God is.  No one has seen the face of our Nebetcher, Nzambi or Supreme Being, because our androgynous Creator is too vast, too abstract, and too complex for our minds to perceive. Most of us know that God exists because we have had experiences or witness manifestations from God’s Spirit.   It is mysterious and a mystery.  For this reason, the Kamitic people called the Spirit of God Ra or Rau, but when you check the bible it says the Spirit of God rests upon the earth meaning everything that exist has a life-force. The Kamitic/Kemetic people explained this as Rau ruling or being the father of everything. But, as we all know, just because a person has the life force or the Spirit of God within them doesn’t make them godly. Right now, there’s some foolish fundamentalist planning to harm others all for their own selfish beliefs (rather it be for abortion, healthcare, religion, or whatever reason), that guess what?  Has the Spirit of God within them but they are not acting, doing what’s best for all of humanity and behaving in a godly manner, so the Kamitic/Kemetic people had to find a way to make a distinction between the two. They looked to their history and found amongst their ancestors the symbol for peace and symbol for war. Apparently inspired by King Narmer they called the higher aspects of the Spirit Osar (Asar, Ausar and Osiris) and the lower aspects Set.
Then they realized something else, that no one is born acting and behaving like Osar or Set. People choose to act or live a certain way, because God gives us free will, which gives us the freedom and right to choose based upon our ability to make a conscious decision. But everyone doesn’t come into the world conscious or “knowing” things.  Our conscious from beginning to end has to be developed and nurtured because it corresponds to our rational mind, giving us the ability to think. So the Kamitic/Kemetic people associated this with the movement of the sun and with Hru (Hrw, Heru and Horus).
Then, they realized something else, which was that it was difficult for them to explain how Osar (the symbol of an enlightened ancestor and their highest potential) could open the way for blessings to manifest if he was physically dead. Again, looking for inspiration they turned to nature and saw how dogs were excellent hunters that could lead one to their intended game. So, they called this aspect of the Rau that opened the way Npu (Anpu, Anubis, Sebek), and so on and so, and so on…
This is how the Kamitic/Kemetic religion (and I am generalizing) evolved over a course of 3000+ years.  As you can see there is only One God that the Kamitic/Kemetic people worshipped but they understood that God manifested Itself in numerous forms and ways.
When the early Christians tried to develop their religion they took the iconic symbol of Jesus and partially understanding the Kamitic/Kemetic concepts and principles because their predessors the early Semitic people didn’t get the full picture either, equated them with our Nebertcher,Nzambi or Supreme Being with Jesus.
Oops #1. That’s like trying to physically fit the Universe into one’s head. Did that make your head hurt just thinking about that? If it did, you can see where they went wrong, they were trying to say that man and woman is a microcosm of a Macrocosm or Jesus was a microcosm of a Macrocosm, “I and my father is One” but it went awry.
Oops #2 comes from equating Jesus with Osar by stating that he is the resurrected savior. To be a savior is to be a hero or fighter and Jesus didn’t do any physical fighting, which is what our rational mind thinks of when it thinks of fighting. This blends in with the attributes of the heroic Hru. What they were trying to illustrate was how when one chooses righteousness they will be resurrected. This is why Hru fought to reclaim his inheritance from Set.
Oops #3 (ummm… as you can see they all are run-amuck and in no certain order) comes from saying that Jesus was coming one associating him with the coming sun. Remember the sun is used to represent the evolution of our conscious/awareness/will.  This also blends with Npu who makes things possible based upon ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and decisions that have been made.
Oops #4 comes from identifying Jesus with Hru by indicating that he was immaculately conceived, yet he had to go through similar experiences as an ordinary human being, while at the same time be God, the Supreme Being, etc. Again, they were trying to explain our conscious or our soul has to grow, evolve and learns from our experiences. What other reason would there be for living if it wasn’t to perfect the self? How else do you learn how to control your emotions, temper your fire, develop meekness, and improve upon your strengths if not by being involved in actual physical situations?
As you can see, Jesus has been equated with so many archetypical figures that it explains why so many churches are odds with each other. This is why in our communities the number one business is church and what do our communities have an abundance of? Churches.  Within a square mile I bet you can find at least three to four churches, sometimes of the same denomination. And, with all of these churches are communities are still in rapid decline.
Funny thing, the Spirit reminded me that back in the day, you know when we had to depend upon each other prior to the late 1960s and 1970s, our communities even though we may not have had a lot of civil liberties in mainstream society, functioned a whole lot better. And, guess what? There weren’t a lot of churches around in one community either.  Just a side note, what’s the next big industry in our communities? Liquor stores right? (Smile) I ain’t mad at you.

Anyway returning back to our subject, are you seeing what part of the problem is? Why, were there so few churches during that time compared to now, yet our communities are in worst shape no one really knows. If I was to speculate, I would say it is because the elders back in the day still somewhat culturally aware knew how to use religion as a system or tool to for empowerment. This is one of the issues that Carl Jung came across. Anyway, what do you think?

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