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Treat Your Woman Right: Blessing in Disguise

Unlike most traditional cultures that viewed the earth as being feminine, the Kamitic/Kemetic people aka the Kamau (the Ancient Africans of Egypt) called what know as Mother Nature, Father Nature, Father Earth, Atef Netchar or simply Keb. The Celestial Sky, Mother Sky, the Heavens on the other hand were viewed as being feminine instead and called Nut. Why?

Well, it is an old African belief that anything that cannot be physically seen or is hidden from our physical senses is considered a mystery.  Thus spirits, angelic beings, etc. are all considered a mystery. The greatest mystery is of course the nature of God. Ancient Africans placed a lot of emphasis and importance on ancestors, which are also considered a great mystery. When a child is born, the newborn brings with them genetic and various other traits believed to come from ancestors, hence the saying, “an old soul” for a newborn with a lot of personality.

This all means, that a woman’s womb is the gateway to the ancestor realm because her womb is hidden and a mystery.  The womb should be respected and considered sacred.  Not like it's gold, how some y'all do...Y'all know what I mean (lol). But truly respected meaning, take care of it and don't let anyone abuse it and don't you abuse it.

When it is really understood that the womb is powerful, it becomes clear that women by the power of God, have the ability to give birth to a lot of potential or blessings in disguise. Remember that Oset (Aset, Auset, Isis) gave birth to a hero (the color gold/yellow corresponds to Amun Ra on the maa aankh and Musoni on the Kongo Cross cosmogram).  So, brothers treat Sistahs right, but at the same time…Sistahs need to cherish and teach the younger sisters the importance and sacredness of their womb, as well. Stop droppin' it likes it hot...everywhere.

For more information on the color symbolism click on the Oset pic above.

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