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We Are All Called

Peace Fam.

Again, my apologies for not keeping you posted family. As I mentioned I started teaching. It has all been a great learning experience and it hasn't been easy. But guess what? I am loving every minute of it because for the first time I feel like I am making a difference.  Funny thing. I never wanted to be an instructor but I am a natural at it. This has made me really live my life with words of praise and gratitude always on my lips because, I understand how to recognize the Calling.

I use to think the "Calling" meant that someone was going to mysterious come out of the blue and tell me that, "You are going to be a great (fill in the blank) and do a (fill in the blank) for the world." Sounds nice but that's not how it is revealed. It appears God is little more creative and prefers that we discover it on our own. Judging from my experience, I think it is set up this way because it is more fascinating to discover. That everything in life is interconnected and everyone, along with everything we deal with ties into who we are and what we are supposed to do.

This means that person that gets on your nerve indirectly is forcing you to tap into the power of God within you to muster the strength not to smack the taste out of their mouth, as our parents use to say :). They were put in our life to help us to learn how to deal with annoying individuals. That obstacle that you are struggling with was also put there for the same reason as well, to help you to tap into the divine power to overcome it. The whole purpose is so that we can help others to accomplish the same feats in their life.

It is this understand that has helped me to appreciate everything that I had experienced (the good, the bad and the ugly) because without these experiences. I will be honest, I didn't always feel this way, but if I had never experienced the bad and the ugly and always the good. I would not be who I am today. So, I encourage you all to stop looking at your life with human eyes and start really seeing it from a divine perspective, so that you can start consciously fulfilling your destiny, if you haven't already embarked on road yet. :)

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