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What is the Kamitic Way of Life?

The Deshret Crown

The Pschent Crown

The Hedjet Crown

The Kamitic Way of Life has different meanings to different people because first of all there did not exist a pan-Kamitic religion as we think of religion today. The Kamitic religion like most traditional religions practiced around the world was influenced greatly by the geography and the social standards of the practitioners.  While all of the Kamitic people believed in One Supreme Being whom they called Nebertcher - The Lord of Everything, the other divinities were honored or venerated per the individuals social standing and occupation. For instance, a fisherman believing in Nebertcher most likely would venerate the spirit of the Nile River because it would believe that this spirit would assist them in not only securing a good catch but also maintaining the balance supporting it.  A craftsperson although believing in Nebertcher would most like venerate a spirit pertaining to helping him or her make their crafts, while again protecting the environment that made it possible for them to do so. 

Why did the Kamau live their life like this you might ask?  The reason is because a thorough analysis of the Kamitic culture, history and religion indicates that the Kamau were holistic people, believing that everything worked together and was interdependent upon each other. The core of this holistic belief or philosophy was based upon the principles of Maa (Divine Law, Order, Balance and Reciprocity) and personified through the spirit Maat. According to the principles of Maa, everything that exist is part of a greater whole rather we see it or not. To simplify matters, the Kamau simply saw everyone as being a member of a larger family.  The spirits were viewed as being members of a large spiritual family , but not like the the dysfunctional, adulterating, deceiving,  sex-crazed, perverted, murderous mythological Greek, Roman and other Indo-European families.  

King Narmer Palette

The father of the Kamau believed to be modeled after King Mena (Menese/Narmer) was named Osar. Osar from all indication was a real, walking and breathing human being before being deified and made into an honorable ancestor. Since Osar was responsible for civilizing the people, he became the head ancestor and prime spirit of importance.  As indicated by the Legend of Osar, when Hru could not defeat his uncle in court, he went to his deceased father Osar because we are all connected by a common ancestry. When Osar spoke to the tribunal he reminded them that he was once the Lord of the Living and now the Lord of the Dead. This announcement influenced the tribunal to rule in Hru's favor. As a result, the Kamitic Way of Life was interpreted by many as live for Osar or in honor of your ancestors' memory.

What does this mean? You see, presently many of us live our life trying to gain approval from our families, friends, co-workers, etc. In other words, we live our life seeking approval or trying to please people. As many of us have learned the hard way, you can't please people (or man) because man/woman don't know what they want. It is such a hard pill to swallow because our society is based upon success driven by physical results. If we don't produce any results we are considered a failure. If we don't have any numbers to back up something we are not considered successful. Unfortunately, this materialistic attitude is what has driven the world into this economic recession as well as caused people to have high quantity but, low quality and standards.   

Man/woman (people) can't see what's going on because they don't dwell on the other side, so one has to go to those on the other side in order to get help.  This is why Hru had to go to Osar in order for him to defeat his physical living uncle. The Kamitic Way of Life is an ancient African philosophical approach to dealing with issues that exist in the physical realm. When things don't work physically, you petition those in the spiritual realm that can help you.  It is nothing new. Afro-Americans all over have prayed to Jesus (the Christian ancestor) and other saints (Catholic ancestors) to intercede on their behalf.  Those not familiar with the terminology of this practice have instead used all sorts of divination methods (such as cards, shells, bones and books) to communicate with the other side. That's right! The preacher led by the Spirit to turn the pages of his and her bible to a certain page to deliver a message to the congregation is also part of the Kamitic Way of Life.

Now, there is one stipulation when it comes to practicing this form of spirituality.  As I stated before, Kamitic spirituality is based upon the concepts and principles of Maa, which means everything is interdependent upon each other.When Hru asked for help from his ancestor Osar in defeating Set, he had to take an oath (sacrifice) to live according to his Osar's way of living. You see, you can't ask the Spirit for something and not be willing to do what is necessary to physically manifest those principles. When you ask the Spirit for something, you have to give the Spirit something in return. Most believe that this offering in return simply involves food or something the Spirit is fond of, but in reality it is about honoring the Spirit's taboo (laws, etc.), so that you don't lose your Holy Ghost - Rau- anointing. This is the significance of wearing the red and white double pschent crown.

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