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Who's Your Teacher??? Happy B-Lated Easter

Have you heard about the Legend of Osar?There are several versions of the story and many interpretations of it, the quick version retold here is the one that resonates with me the most.

In short the legend is about how King Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris) built a remarkable civilization with the help of his wife Oset (Aset, Auset, Isis), but his envious brother murdered him and usurped the throne. Through magical means Oset conceived an heir and his name was Hru (Hrw, Heru, Horus) who challenged his uncle for the throne when he came of age. It is said that Hru and Set fought for a long time until one day Set managed to get close enough to Hru and gouge out his eye forcing the young avenger and his allies to flee for safety.  After doing so, he met Djahuti (Djehuti, Tehuti, Thoth) who fixed Hru's damaged eye, so that he could see things clearly. When Hru met Set on the battlefield the next time he quickly over powered his uncle, castrated him and dragged the defeated Set to be judged. When the Set appeared before the tribunal they court could not arrive at a just and fair verdict because some favored Hru, while others favored Set. Then Djahuti ask that the tribunal allow the deceased Osar to speak from beyond the grave.

From beyond the grave, the deceased Osar spoke and reminded the counsel that he was the one that taught the people and gave them laws to govern themselves by. He reminded the tribunal that he was the one that went all around the kingdom spreading the "Good news" and teaching the people the science of agriculture. He expressed to the tribunal how disappointed he was and thanked God that the Halls of Maa were established in the Underworld. In the Halls, Osar stated that he would re-establish Maa and that he had at his disposal messengers that could fetch the heart of any man or woman.  In the Underworld, he would just everyone according to the decisions they made in the land of the living.

Due to the words of Osar, the tribunal ruled in Hru's favor and Maa (balance, law, justice and order) was restored.

There are many truths that can be drawn from the Story of Osar, because it is a great and magnificent story reflecting the various trials that all human beings must go through. The one truth that I have found to be particularly important and interesting is how Hru fled to Djahuti who was able to repair his eye so that he could win the battle, but it was Osar that interceded on his behalf that led to him winning the war.

Djahuti represents the numerous individuals that come into our life and offer guidance and instruction to us based upon their knowledge, wisdom and understanding (experience), but the real teachers speak from within.  Our real teachers cannot be seen with the naked eye. Heard with our physical ears, smelled, whatever...but you know that they are near because they appear our dreams, whisper in our ears, show us prophetic visions, etc. that come from the Divine. They intercede on our behalf and serve as guides and emissaries between us and the Spirit of God.

Thank God, we have ancestors who can share with us their wisdom and help us defeat the enemy. Thank God, even though Set tried through slavery, violence, war and all sorts of chaotic ways, he did not succeed in taking away our Osares.  Thank God Osar (our ancestors) live and our lives are made a lot richer because of their whiteness (purity, blessings, peace, knowledge, wisdom, etc.) that has returned.  Happy B-Lated Easter.

For a full discourse see my book MAA AANKH: Finding God the Afro-American Spiritual Way, by Honoring the Ancestors and Guardian Spirits by Derric Moore avalable at 1 SoL Alliance or Amazon.

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