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Why Black People Say Amen?

Amun or Amen is a Kamitic word that translates to mean "the hidden" or "concealed" but our ancient ancestors were full of puns and expressions. Like their descendants today one word depending on how it was used or said could have numerous meanings. That being said, when compared to the maa aankh, Amen was said at the end of prayers to signify that a divine truth had been realized. You know, that epiphany, that flash of insight/wisdom that came out of nowhere. When a Divine Truth is revealed it manifests itself within our being, so people would say Amen, meaning the Truth was secretly revealed, hidden and made a part of one’s being, so that their soul can return to the task at hand refreshed, reborn and renewed.  This is why the Kamau attributed their successful expulsion of the Hyskos to Amun.  It is because Amun and Amun Ra is not God, it is the renewing, resurrecting and rebirthing aspect of Nebertcher - The Supreme Being/Lord of Everything.  Can I get a Amen?

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