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Blog posts : "Kamitic Culture, Kamitic Shamanism and the Kamitic Way of Life"

Communion for Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris)? How Religious Syncretism Occurs

OMG! I can't believed it happened but it did? Today is Easter and it is celebrated by Christians worldwide as the resurrection or ascension of Jesus Christ. And, if I had not had my unique Afro-experience. I would be celebrating Christ's resurrection as well, but I did have that unique experience …

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What is the Kamitic Way of Life? Part 2

Peace Family.

Concluding on what the Kamitic Way of Life means to me. I meant to add that as we become a stronger, wiser and more powerful divine being. We are able to make changes or make "miracles" happen in the physical realm.  As I mentioned previously in the first post (What is the Kamitic Way …

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What is the Kamitic Way of Life?

The Deshret Crown

The Pschent Crown

The Hedjet Crown

The Kamitic Way of Life has different meanings to different people because first of all there did not exist a pan-Kamitic religion as we think of religion today. The Kamitic religion like most traditional religions practiced around the wo…

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The Real Kamitic People Were Like You and Me

Something got a hold of me
Oh yes it did one day
Something got a hold of me
I went to a meeting one night
And my heart wasn't right
Something got a hold of me

This is a song that I remember hearing sung at my church as a child called Something Got a Hold of Me.  Usually only the chorus part was sung and …

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