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Kingdom Within

If Africans Were the Majority

I Have Never Seen the Righteous Foresaken

Peace Fam.

You know I really love the Spirit because God is just amazing. This is a video from my old church back in Detroit. You have to have fb in order to see it.  The Spirit had me tune into it just to show how deep the maa aankh really is. As you listen to the sermon with an open mind, notice …

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Spiritual Humor

Just a side note. With all of this talk about spirituality figure I would lighten up the atmosphere a little bit.

The funniest thing came to me. I was thinking about getting back into some yoga or at least blending some of it with some capoeira conditioning and stretching.  So, I reached down to ti…

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Why other people’s faiths don’t work for us?

It is my belief that because we have been so accustomed to believing that we were left in North America with no culture and no roots. Many of us when we go out looking to fulfill our spiritual quest, we replace the cultural religious perspective of our enslavers with some other foreign cultural pers…

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What about Jesus & Kamitic/Kemetic Spirituality?

Post originally appeared on the Land of Kam website on 3/10/2010
as "What about Jesus & Kamitic Spirituality?"

King Mena (Menes/Narmer)

King Mena (Menes/Narmer) is our eldest and most honorable ancestor because according to historical records, he was the first king to unify Upper and Lower Kamit. …

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Hello World!

Hetepu (Peace to You All) Family, my name is Derric Moore and I along with several netizens around the USA created the Land of Kam website in 2001 because we were very interested in the  Kamitic (Kemetic, Khamitic or simply the Ancient Africans of Egypt) spiritual tradition but lived in very remote …

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