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Kamta: Kamitic Shamanism

Kamit (Kemet, Ancient Egypt) has been a source of inspiration for people all over the world, but to many people of African descent, who lost their cultural heritage due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Kamit serves as a beacon of hope and a doorway, where all that has been lost through slavery …

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'Tis de Season

Father & Child Print Copyright 2010 by Ken Yahw McCalla of Yahw Arts

A magical season is upon us.  It is a time when we some of us will discover the mystery of God. Cultures from all over the world have celebrated this same magical event because they could not accurately express the spiritual truths…

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Learn How to Surrender it to God

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life? Does your schedule sometimes feel complicated and you feel like you can’t win?

One of the greatest tactics used by Set, is to make us feel like there is no time and that we have to do everything right now! If we don’t do things right n…

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Why is KAMTA (Kamitic Shamanism and the Maa Aankh Cosmogram), so Important to Me?

Peace Family.

I was recently asked why is KAMTA and the maa aankh so important to me?  It was a loaded question.

So, I began by stating that it was Brother Arthur Flower’s Hoodooway list (which I had the honor and priviliege of participating on) and the Orb of Djenra blog that first brought to my…

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Guess What Spiritual Sciences Can Do For You?

Peace Fam. What's up?

Hey just recently, I was sporting one of the new shirts that was made and had mentioned to one of my kinfolk that I was working a monetary miracle and working my faith for it to manifest.  At that moment, my kin mentioned that they would like to rap with me. I was like cool. …

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The Origin of KAMTA: Kamitic/Kemetic Shamanism

Kamitic/Kemetic spirituality or way of life means a lot of things to a lot of people because Kamit/Kemet has and always will be a source of inspiration to generations and for generations to come. For some Kamitic/Kemeitc spirituality/way of life is an initiation system that focuses upon reconne…

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Happy Birthday: Another Initiation Passed

 This week I am another day older thanks to Kamitic/Kemetic spirituality. Sometimes I wondered how I was going to make it, but it was truly this Kamitic/Kemetic Way of Life that saved me. I remember when I was 15 looking at the depressing news and hearing the most discouraging words of power…

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Ancient Bantu Connection: Kamitic/Kemetic Color Symbolism


The debate over the ethnicity of the Kamitic/Kemetic people should be laid to rest by now, but the reason it isn’t is because Western academia (despite the overwhelming evidence against their ridiculous claim) is still in denial that black and brown people made significant contributions…

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Why Black People Say Amen?

Amun or Amen is a Kamitic word that translates to mean "the hidden" or "concealed" but our ancient ancestors were full of puns and expressions. Like their descendants today one word depending on how it was used or said could have numerous meanings. That being said, when compared to the maa aankh, A…

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