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What is the Kamitic Way of Life? Part 2

Peace Family.

Concluding on what the Kamitic Way of Life means to me. I meant to add that as we become a stronger, wiser and more powerful divine being. We are able to make changes or make "miracles" happen in the physical realm.  As I mentioned previously in the first post (What is the Kamitic Way …

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Under the Shadow of the Almighty (A Divine Magical Spell)

Peace Fam.

It was a ruff week Fam because my father in-law had to have an emergency surgery. Running back and forth to ICU, I had to stay on point.  I cooked some gumbo for the family, to settle folks nerves and caught some sleep when I could. Then one night the Spirit gave me this image and Psalms…

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Guess What Spiritual Sciences Can Do For You?

Peace Fam. What's up?

Hey just recently, I was sporting one of the new shirts that was made and had mentioned to one of my kinfolk that I was working a monetary miracle and working my faith for it to manifest.  At that moment, my kin mentioned that they would like to rap with me. I was like cool. …

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