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What Does Malcolm X Mean to You? (No Revolution without Money)

May 19th marks one of the most heroic individuals in American history, the birthday of El Hajj Malik Shabazz better known to the world, as Malcolm X. Malcolm X was one of the most extraordinary individuals to walk this earth because unlike a lot of other heroes and martyrs that just appear on the sc…

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Krazy! Immigration Bill

Peace Fam

You know I hate to deal with social issues like this on this blog and I do not like to call people out of their name, but Gov. Jan Brewer is truly an "idotess". I actually listened to her say after signing this bill into law that she will not tolerate racism and racial profiling....I am t…

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Not Dis Time:Richard Pryor and Kamit/Kemet


TV1 did a special on old black television shows and their contributions to the media industry. One of the shows they highlighted was the briefly aired Richard Pryor show. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this show when I was a …

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