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Krazy! Immigration Bill

Peace Fam

You know I hate to deal with social issues like this on this blog and I do not like to call people out of their name, but Gov. Jan Brewer is truly an "idotess". I actually listened to her say after signing this bill into law that she will not tolerate racism and racial profiling....I am t…

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Who's Your Teacher??? Happy B-Lated Easter

Have you heard about the Legend of Osar?There are several versions of the story and many interpretations of it, the quick version retold here is the one that resonates with me the most.

In short the legend is about how King Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris) built a remarkable civilization with the help …

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Is Your Victory In Your Peace?

Have you ever heard the saying that your victory is in your peace? When I was growing up the older people in the church use to sing this song called Victory Shall be Mine, which went as follows:

Victory, victory shall be mine.
Victory, victory shall be mine.
If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight m…

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