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What is Practical Kamitic Spirituality?

Some people have asked me what do I mean by "Practical Kamitic Spirituality?"  Well, before answering I have to say that it amazes me that whenever someone talks about Kamitic spirituality (or spirituality in general), the first thing that they want to discuss is metaphysics.  They come in talking a…

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Why other people’s faiths don’t work for us?

It is my belief that because we have been so accustomed to believing that we were left in North America with no culture and no roots. Many of us when we go out looking to fulfill our spiritual quest, we replace the cultural religious perspective of our enslavers with some other foreign cultural pers…

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Treat Your Woman Right: Blessing in Disguise

Unlike most traditional cultures that viewed the earth as being feminine, the Kamitic/Kemetic people aka the Kamau (the Ancient Africans of Egypt) called what know as Mother Nature, Father Nature, Father Earth, Atef Netchar or simply Keb. The Celestial Sky, Mother Sky, the Heavens on the other hand…

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What is the Kamitic Way of Life?

The Deshret Crown

The Pschent Crown

The Hedjet Crown

The Kamitic Way of Life has different meanings to different people because first of all there did not exist a pan-Kamitic religion as we think of religion today. The Kamitic religion like most traditional religions practiced around the wo…

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